Fit In February

Fit In February

Get Hull Active are looking to help you get Fit in February. With Covid-19 restrictions stopping a lot of what people do to keep fit and better their physical and mental wellbeing we’ll be trying to help you stay active and try some new things. Fit in February isn’t just for sporty people (although please feel free to take part) It’s purpose is to showcase simple activates that can be added to your everyday life and inspire you to #gethullactive

Each weekday we’ll be posting a daily activity for you and your household to try that should help you hit the 150 minutes of physical activity needed (for adults) to be active. We’ll also be sharing local and national initiatives to help people get you active.

We also want to know how you’re getting active and how getting active has helped you! This could be socially,mentally or physically. So if you have a #gethullactive story please contact us at or through our social media!

To take part in Fit in February by following @GetHullActive on twitter and facebook

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