Your pledges

Check out the recent pledges of people from Hull and their commitment and quest to move more. 

  To bike or walk at least 30 mins a day  
Susan, Hull
  get over 8000 steps a day  
Mary, Hull
  I will walk 15000 steps a day for the month of May  
Sarah, Hull
  do more exercise  
Dianne, North Ferriby
  get fitter and lose weight  
Karen, Hessle
  to do 10,000 steps everyday  
Stella, Cottingham
  to eat healthier, complete my workouts on my exercise app and to  
Sarah, Hull
  to get walking!  
Yvonne, Hull
  To do at least 30 mins of exercise everyday with my child  
Hayley, East Hull
  to lose weight and build strength  
Chelsea, Norht Hull
  to walk laps of the playground to get extra exercise at work  
Louise, Beverley
  Walk more than 10000 steps a day and ride my bike  
Betty, East Hull
  to be more active outdoors and aim to do over 10,000 steps a day  
Kate, Walkington
  I'm going to do at least a 30 minute walk/run every day.  
Alison, Hull
  Increase the number of steps and encourage my children too.  
Helen, Rawson
  I pledge to walk 10,000 steps a day for 2 months  
Sarah, Hedon
  I will walk 10,000 steps a day for the next month  
Ellie, Viking FM Breakfast Show Host
  To exercies, eat healthy, lose weight and build muscle  
Steven, Hull
  To run or bike every day throughout November  
Nicky, Hull
  To leave the car at home and cycle to work  
Adam, Chief Executive, ERFA
  I pledge to do at least 10,000 steps per day every day  
Clare, Hull
  I pledge to walk 10000 steps for 30 consecutive days.  
Phil, Hull
  Continue my regular walks around the Marina to stay active  
Peter, BBC Look North Presenter
  Cycle to work, 5 miles each way  
Craig, Hull
  To increase my daily number of steps  
Erica, Hull CCG Cheif Operating Officer
  I will walk 10,000 steps a day  
Hannah, Hull
  I Pledge to walk 5km, 5 days a week  
Alex, Viking FM Breakfast Show Host
  To exercise everyday whether it be a workout, a swim or a walk.  
Lynn, East Hull
  Walk & take my backpack to do the weekly Lidl shop  
Hannah, Pearson Park
  Will walk 6 miles a day  
Katie, Beverley
  Complete Couch to 5k and continue using weights at Woodford  
Craig, East Hull
  To make sure I walk for at least 30 minutes a day  
Joseph, Hessle
  Go for a 30 minute exercise at least 5 times a week  
David, Bilton
  Run four times a week  
Claire, Barton
  Complete couch to 10K and reduce sugar intake  
Julie, Kingswood
  To do a fun 10 minute home or garden workout 3 times a week  
Varun, Hessle
  to complete Couch to 5K and take part in a Parkrun  
Mark, East Hull