Getting Hull Active

Getting Hull Active

Getting Hull Active

With lockdown easing and people going back to work many people will feel they don’t have the time to carry on their lockdown exercise regime. However staying active at work isn’t as hard as you may think!

Active Living

To be considered active an adult should be doing 150 minutes of physical activity a week. That works out at just over 21 minutes a day. It’s important to remember that to get active it’s not all about taking up a new sport, running marathons or hitting the gym. Those 150 minutes a week can include walking to the shop, gardening or anything else that gets your heart beating faster!

Including physical activity in your day within your normal tasks is a great way to get more active.

Active Travel

Employees at Barclays Bank in Hull have started a bike to work club. Which sees them collectively cycle over 15 mile to work a day. Active travel, either walking or cycling is a great way to add physical activity into your day.

Even if cycling isn’t an option for you could park slightly further way or get off the bus a stop early to add a couple more minutes of physical activity to your day. Remember just small steps can make big changes.

Active Leisure

While getting active doesn’t have to involve sports and traditional exercise it is a still a great way to boost your fitness and your moods, and it can be flexible enough to be included in your day!

Hull has over 100 parks and green spaces that can be used to run, walk and play in. We have over 90 playgrounds that families can get active in and over 10 outdoor green gyms across the city.

With indoor leisure sites, sports club and starting to open over the next few weeks now might be the perfect time to see if there’s anything on offer that makes you want to get more active!

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