Lets Ride

Lets Ride

British Cycling’s Lets Ride includes Breeze Rides and Guided Rides. Breeze and Guided Rides are volunteer led bike rides across the country. Hull is host to a number of different rides and your nearest ride can be found on the Let’s Ride website.

Breeze Rides are designed to be women only and have been set up to increase female engagement in cycling. Guided Rides are for anyone. Both the strands operate in the same way. You book on line and meet at the rally point at the correct time where the volunteer will guide you along the route often stopping off for refreshments in the way. Before you book each ride is described and given a challenge rating so you can pick the right word for you. The volunteers are knowledgeable and friendly and will help you on your way.

These rides are perfect for people just getting started or looking to enjoy the social element that cycling can bring!

These could be the stepping stone to joining a cycle club or even an access point to become a British Cycling volunteer.

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