Funding Support- Tackling Inequalities Fund

Are you a community and/or sports organisation who helps get people physically active?

Do you work with the following priority groups?

  • Lower socio economic groups.
  • People with disabilities.
  • Those with a long term limiting illness.
  • Those from diverse ethnic communities.

The Tackling Inequalities Funding is designed to help get people from the above groups back into the activities they organise and help recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is the intended impact of this fund?

  • To minimise the impact of COVID-19 on activity levels in under-represented groups, ensuring that the physical activity participation inequality gap does not widen during this period in targeted communities.
  • Enable community groups working with target audiences to continue to exist and retain the resources and capability to recover at the appropriate time.Provide funding for community groups working with Sport England target audiences to remain connected with their participants and keeping them active in the COVID-19 lockdown and early recovery stages.
  • Strengthen relationships between system partners and community bodies working with under-represented groups.

Types of activity that might be funded could include:

  • Hardship through funding support.
  • Funding for community groups to find new ways of keeping their target audience active in this period.
  • Offering advice and training support
  • Increasing resilience, capacity, and capability of delivery bodies

Other important information:

  • Projects must be delivered by March 31st 2022, it’s very much focussed on the here and now.
  • Groups may apply for grants up to £10k, however the average award last phase was in the region of £3k.
  • To apply you need to answer 5 questions, these can be covered verbally, or even informally in an email format.
  • Please contact Active Humber at if you want to apply and/or find out more information.
  • Football projects are not supported by the Tackiling Inequalities fund, funding to support Football activities may be available through the Football Foundation

Five Key Questions:

1. Are you focused on one or more of the following target audiences?

  • Lower Socio-Economic Groups
  • Black, Asian Minority Ethnic Communities
  • Disabled People
  • People with Long-Term Health Conditions (LTC)

2. Can you show how the funding will either help the club/community body to survive through the pandemic and/or support their participants to remain active in the COVID-19 lockdown and early recovery stages over the coming months?

3. Are you able to demonstrate a clear financial need for the funding sought?

4. Can you demonstrate the existing relationship the club/group have with the target audience and the extent of its reach into the target community?  

5. Can you confirm that your application is not a duplicate application for funding already received from the Sport England Community Emergency Fund and be eligible to receive Sport England Lottery Funding?

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